About Jacquinii

We approach jewelry as a medium for exploring the relationship between man-made ornaments and the aesthetic expressionism of nature. 

Embracing ​artisan work and values of slow fashion, we create limited edition pieces which combine elegance and ease - with occasional experimental nuances inviting some fun in. We mostly use genuine semi-precious stones, upcycled glass beads, silver, and gold-plated brass, collected from Istanbul's historic old town. Each material is handpicked and curated with care, and all our pieces are handmade to order.

Founded in 2018, based in Istanbul & London.

Custom orders

Many of our pieces can be customised - for instance if you have a specific gemstone in mind (we all have a favorite one!) which you would like us to use in your jewelry, email us and let's see what we can do for you. 

Get in touch

We love to hear from you. For your enquiries, including wholesale and press requests, please email contact@jacquinii.com