"Beatrice," fem. proper name, from French Béatrice, from Latin beatrix, fem. of beatricem "who makes happy," from beatus "happy, blessed," past participle of beare "make happy, bless"*
There are many ways to define happiness. We define it as a state of mind close to both ease and excitement. It's simple yet complex, natural and cultural, individual and social. Specific as well as random things can bring it about. We welcome it, or perhaps it is the very act or the feeling of 'welcoming' itself that we call happiness. It is naive, open, and hopeful.
Our special collection BEATRICE consists of 12 pieces of jewelry inspired by the idea of happiness and handcrafted with care. We named each piece after something we associate with happiness - like some common natural events like rainbows, ocean waves and dew drops, as well as rarer ones like strawberry moon and harvest moon. 
For this collection we upcycled deadstock glass beads handpicked one by one from shops in Istanbul's old town. We combined them with delicate gold-plated brass chains, lapis lazuli and freshwater pearls, and Italian titanium mesh ribbons. 
Colorful, vibrant, and uncomplicated, each piece in BEATRICE is designed to bring joy to its wearer.
Photographer: Ella Gradwell
Model: Ishtar Apsara
Stylist: Byrony Hatrick